Sunday, September 20, 2015

DCC RPG rules options... Crawl No. 11 the Seafaring Issue

Found a nice surprise in my mailbox last night! Crawl! no 11
The naval warfare and nautical mighty deeds articles by Bob Brinkman will be quite useful in my current "Halfport" campaign. I'll have to do a little modifying to include ironclads, primitive submarines and torpedoes.
Daniel J. Bishop's has some great ideas for using deep elders. Some are close to the rules I am already using in Halfport. The other material might slip in nicely.
Sean Ellis put in a great piece dealing with life on board a ship. Included in the article are charts for ship morale, random on board events, and a wind speed table.
The Rev. Dak put in a fun table of ideas for sea propulsion, including the complications that would ensue.
The artwork of Mario T. is awesome as always.All in all, it's a solid issue and worth picking up!