Monday, May 1, 2017

Session Report: "The Dread on Demon Crown Hill" @ Kingdom-Con 2017 29.04.2017


From left to right: Lulu Smith the Enchanter (Skeletor), Puck the Halfling Explorer (Derek), Faerona the Elf Seer (Faeron), and Dogan the Dwarf Broker ( Mez and his zero level hirelings: Sefer, Cayn, Brurin, and Vesh).

They were a very resourceful party of adventurers, and roleplayed their way through, making a lot of excellent choices.

After the party had assembled and decided to follow-up on some rumors they had heard about the lonely tor, they made their way to the village of Aegishollow (pronounce: "ages-howler" by the locals) nearby. 

The party scouted out the site from a distance, staying at a nearby Slippery-Pig Tavern (thanks Jobe), and gleaning what local knowledge they could from the Nick Blackleaf the local tavern-keeper.
They made a visit out to see "Old Man Whithers" at one of the turnip farms outside the village. He told them of how he used to go up there as a "wild young'un, but that I ain't been up there since I's seen that ghost!"

After that some of the party stayed up on the roof to see if they could see any of the strange, small fires that seem to flair up on occasionally in the plain around the hill. They rolled well on their luck checks, and Puck thought he saw something fly off from high up on the structure and drop down into the valley below. About an hour later both Puck and Faerona witnessed a something burst into flames a few miles away, but couldn't tell what it was.

In the morning the party went to investigate where they thought they saw a fire and found what they guessed was a partial deer carcass, severely burned and ripped apart savagely.

They then made there way to the lonely hill, and tried to find another way in. Lulu enlarged Faeron's pet falcon, tied 100' of rope to it, and sent it up to the opening they thought was about 90' up. They heard a horrifying screech from the falcon, saw a burst of red flame, and 97' of rope fell down to the party bellow. The party then decided to try the cave at the front of the structure.

I won't say much about the details of inside the "Crown", but suffice it to say they went in and didn't fight when they didn't have to, and got a little lucky to make it to the end.
The hirelings other than Cayn (left outside to guard the horse cart) were all either killed or had run away by the last encounter.

In the final encounter, the dice failed me (I couldn't roll anything over an 8), but not for the party... Lulu the enchanter pulled off a natural twenty roll on her enlarge spell, and Faerona the Elf went "full giant sized" wielding the "blessed" magic item in the adventure and wailing on the "Big Bad". The final death blow was dealt by Puck the Halfling! Puck clambered his way up to get a double hit with his axes to finish demon off.

As a small note to this session:
I did give the option with the pre-gens to play the paladin, ranger, and orc classes, but was surprised that everyone wanted to run just the classes from the core book.
The only thing not standard from the DCC RPG core book was that everyone thought that Lulu the Enchanter was "touched by the gods (insane)" because her background is a Pizza Cook from "Vinnie's Pizza in the Bronx". This came out great in the roleplaying, as she taught Nick at the Slippery Pig how to make a really good pizza in exchange for free room and board for the night.
So, it is now cannon in my world, that the Slippery Pig is now know across the land for their sausage "pizza".