Sunday, June 28, 2015

Villainous Slayers Game Session (June 27th, 2015 part 1)

After the party had agreed to guard a trade caravan from the Surfside to the city of Brodechte, the found themselves in a fierce battle on the bridge leading to the trade town of Holblerie with as yet unidentified amphibious humanoids.

The town has been under attack and trade caravans and boats coming in and out of the harbor have been harried for weeks now. Envoys have been sent out to the capital and to a local Wizard (Yazarian), but none have returned and no aid has been received.

After arriving, the caravan has decided to stop and sell some of their wares for a few days in the market square.  Pusshead the barbarian was restless and decided to look for a way to earn some gold while in town. He met up with another adventurer, Albert the squire, an up jumped cheesemaker.

Whilst asking around they found their way to Obie Stout and son's. Obie, (owner of the Speckled Sculpin Tavern & Inn and Obie's Fine Fish), told them that his fishing boats were being harassed by the same creatures near the north end of the bay.  His men had reported seeing the creatures hanging around the mouth of a sea cave in that area.

He offered them some money to go and investigate the cave, and let him know how many of these creatures were out there, and what they were up to. He sent two of his men to row them out to.the cave. The men dropped them off near the cave and told P---head and Albert that they would return the following two mornings to pick them up.

Spotting some of the creatures near the mouth of the cave, P---head and Albert decided to charge them, but not before one of them had hurried into the cave. They quickly dispatched the creatures near the mouth of the cave, only to be taken out by the reinforcements arriving a few minutes later.

They awoke to find themselves prisoners deep somewhere in the cave complex penned in with Hendry the Halfling Haberdasher and Carl the Lumberjack. With no equipment, they combined their resources and tried to escape. They were unsuccessful at first getting Carl and Hendry killed in the process.

They attempted a second escape and were successful in finding a hidden tunnel at the back of a mushroom and filth filled cavern. Barely escaping the giant slug  in the chamber, the party found themselves out in the forest above the cliffs. They made their way back to town to lick their wounds, and report back to Obie what they had seen. He paid them and gave them a free night's stay at the inn.

The party were able to re-equip themselves somewhat with the gold they had earned. 

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